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Advice for first home buyers

I love helping people buy property – it is should be such an exciting time in someones life. However, the stress levels experienced when buying a home is up there with birth, death, divorce and marriage! My goal is to make sure this process is easy as possible for you (and even fun!). ...

January 17, 2020

Brightline Test – where do you stand?

In an effort to cool the housing market, the government introduced a “bright-line” test for the taxation of gains from the disposal of residential land acquired and disposed of within two years (subject to some exceptions such as your main home). The test is aimed to deter property speculation, and to make the property market accessible to the first home buyer. As stated above the test does not apply to your main family home. The bright-line rule applies to the sale of any residential prope...

January 9, 2020

Why do I need a Will?

As lawyers we see some horror stories when it comes to passing on. Completing your will is the best way to prevent more heart ache for your loved ones. It is a shocking fact that only around half of all adult New Zealanders have a will. Without making your wishes known in a will, the government will determine how to distribute your estate. How the government’s formula works may shock you.  A formal process must be followed, and your family will need to deal with the courts who will appl...

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