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Lawyers of North Hamilton.

We are located at the Base Outlet.

  • Park in the outdoor carpark behind Farmers
  • We are between Peroz the Barbers and Converse
  • If you go past the bathroom we are the last door on the left and up the stairs.

Welcome to Foundation Legal, where we serve the people of the Waikato with a focus on asset planning, commercial, immigration and property law.

We specialise in the buying and selling of residential and commercial property, refinancing, subdivisions, commercial law, asset structuring, estate planning, wills and powers of attorney, relationship property and immigration law. 

We have an office at the Base shopping centre with easy parking for our clients but are also mobile so we can meet the needs of clients' lifestyles. Being mobile lets the team at Foundation Legal to come to you, either at work or home, at a time suitable to you – even after hours!

We invite you to make an appointment by phoning 07 949 7879 or email Claire to see how we can help you.

How we do what we do at Foundation Legal


We ensure you’re getting maximum value and the best advice, by providing affordable, fit for purpose solutions.


We are open, honest, ethical, respectful and trustworthy.


We listen to our clients, understand their world and do all we can to make their lives easier.


We are happy to talk to you and masters of the closing the loop on our communications.


We have good energy and are warm and friendly people to work with


We adapt to the demands of the situation and can be mobile if you need us to be.


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